Your First Visit

While every first visit is a little different, here is a general idea of what you can expect. After we verify that we are in network with your insurance, we can schedule your first visit. If you are interested in doing allergy testing, we will ask that you abstain from all antihistamines for 5 full days prior to your first appointment. This will allow us to get accurate results on any allergy skin testing that we may need to do.

***Do not take any antihistamines for a full 5 days prior to allergy testing***
(for a full list of antihistamines, click here)

On your first visit, which is typically 1 hour, we will usually do the following:

  • Get a detailed history of your allergy, asthma, or skin rash symptoms
  • Perform a focused physical exam
  • Complete an allergy skin test, looking for reactions to various pollens, grasses, weeds, molds, dust mites, dogs, cats, feathers, and more. If you have food allergies, we will do a comprehensive food allergy skin test.
  • Check your lung function if appropriate
  • Order additional blood tests, imaging (Xray/CT scan) or consults if necessary
  • Discuss a detailed plan of action to successfully manage your symptoms
  • Answer any questions related to your diagnosis and treatment
  • Send you home with prescriptions for medications that work

We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and do a thorough evaluation of every patient. It is our goal to give you the time and attention you deserve to discuss your medical history and get your questions answered. Call today so that you can start feeling better right away.

Schedule Your Visit

All appointments are made by phone only, so please call us at: 415-788-4128 to schedule your first visit today!

Please click here for our office hours so you can schedule your first visit. All first visits can range anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours long. Once you schedule your appointment, please go to the "What to bring to your visit" below, print out the forms that you will need, and have it filled out before you arrive in our office.

Please be aware that if you are 15 or more minutes late to your appointment, our office may have to cancel your appointment and re-schedule you for another day.

What to Bring To Your Visit

Please bring your insurance card.

We also have a patient registration form that you can fill in our office when you arrive. We would prefer if you print and fill it out ahead of time and just bring it to with you to your first visit to save you and us some time. Your signature is also required stating that you have read and will abide by our Privacy Notice and Financial Policy, both available below.