Cluster immunotherapy is an accelerated form of allergy treatment. The build up for conventional immunotherapy consists of 40 weekly visits. Whereas the build up for cluster immunotherapy consists of 12 weekly visits. These shots need to be scheduled with the office.

At each session, the patient will receive 2 SETS of allergy shots with a 20 minute wait time after each set. The cluster shot visit can be about 45 min to 1 hour. Although these shot visits are longer than the CONVENTIONAL shot visits, patients can reach maintenance dosages much faster. Cluster shots can be appealing to patients desiring to see results quicker or whose schedule is better suited to a more intensive initial phase of immunotherapy. Once maintenance dosages are reached, patients will return once a month for monthly maintenance injections.

What are the Risks?

Due to the rapid build up, there is an increase risk of not only local, but systemic reactions. To help prevent these from happening, we require certain pre-medications to be taken the night before your shots.

Cluster may not be suited for extremely sensitive patients or those with significant asthma or underlying medical conditions. Dr. Reid and Janel Liverato, P.A-C will choose a slightly modified schedule based on your history, symptoms, and test results. Dr. Reid or Janel Liverato, P.A-C will evaluate your individual case and decide if cluster shots may be right for you.