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Sinus Infections

Acute sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the tissues of the sinuses or nasal passages. This swelling allows mucus to build up which becomes a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, resulting in a sinus infection. Symptoms of sinus infection can include:

Seasonal allergens or exposure to pets or dust mite allergens are common causes of sinusitis. In fact, sinus infections are the #1 complication of allergies. Unresolved cold or flu can also lead to sinus infections. Acute sinus infections may resolve on their own, but some people will require antibiotics for acute or chronic infections. If the problem is chronic, we may need to get an X-ray or CT scan of your sinuses. Sinus infections may be prevented by getting allergies under control with medication or allergy shots. Daily sinus rinse (such as a Neti pot) may also be helpful.