Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology   


XOLAIR® (Omalizumab) is in a novel class of medications approved for the treatment of moderate to severe persistent allergic asthma.

According to the National Guidelines, if you experience 2 or more attacks a year that require oral steroids, your asthma is not well controlled. Other signs that your asthma may not be well controlled include:

XOLAIR® is a steroid-free prescription medication given by injection to people who:

How does XOLAIR® work? Your body produces IgE in response to certain allergens. For 6 in 10 people with asthma, IgE triggers the release of chemicals, which may lead to an attack. XOLAIR® captures IgE to prevent asthma attacks and symptoms.

While XOLAIR® has been extremely helpful for many of our patients, there are risks involved, and it is not right for everybody. Talk with Dr. Reid or Amber to see if you qualify for XOLAIR® and if it is a good choice for you. You can also check for more information.